Alliance Steering Gear

Steering gears for every make, model, speed, and ratio, regardless of vehicle age. 

Product Highlights

Recovery process uses OEM approved processes.


Complete disassembly, while maintaining original components together.

Two-step, proprietary process: steam cleaned, washed, shot peened, and wipe washed.

All parts Magnetic Particle inspected, allowing internal component damage to be seen.

Core, gear, and shafts measured to exact OEM specifications.

All wearable items are replaced with new.

Every product is thoroughly tested for the quality of the build and performance.


Every steering gear is fully tested under load, for proper movement.

Top Movers

Part NumberPart Description
TAS65024Steering Gear
TAS65004Steering Gear
TAS65157Steering Gear
TAS40042Steering Gear
TAS66001Steering Gear
THP60010Steering Gear
M100PMX3Steering Gear
TAS65079Steering Gear
M80SAW1Steering Gear

General Product Information

Detailed product description

Ordering - Call Customer Care: (800) 668-5560

Quote price and availability

Technical assistance

Product identification assistance

Hours: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST

Purchase is booked within minutes of OEM PO receipt

Unit ships by end of day – warehouse cut-off times permitting

Confirmation of freight provided with delivery dates and times

Simple part number – i.e., RD20145373     

Freight Policy (US)

Prepaid on orders of 3 or more. Orders of 2 or less will receive a $20 charge.

Pickup available at all warehouses at no charge. Arrangements are made through Customer Care.

Drop Ship is available at no charge within AOR.

Product ships from nearest location.

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Customer Portal 

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Product details, description, and overall information

Field rep contact information

Warehouse locations 

Immediate availability information and part verification tool



Warranty Information

North American warranty – North American coverage

One year, on road applications, unlimited.

  • Both, dealer installed and over the counter sales

Call direct for “Real Time” review

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