Product Highlights

- Designed and manufactured to OEM specifications
- Available through PDC
- High Quality bearings
- In-house induction hardening process
- Superior design of lubrication channels
- Improved materials and heat treatment to increase wear resistance
- Extensive industry experience
- Quality Management Certifications: IATF 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 10002, ISO 27001, ISO 28001
Process Quality Certifications: CQI-8 (Layered Process Audit), CQI-9 (Heat Treat System), CQI-11 (Plating System) and CQI-12 (Coating System) standards

Top Movers - Steering King Pins

Paragon PN DescriptionMax Output PowerCable Connector(s)Max Connector Output CurrentCable LengthAdditional Options
DDE A6803400418EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 16FT60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A16.4'None
DDE A6803400518EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 25FT60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A25'None
DDE A6803400818EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 16FT, CCR60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A16.4'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803400918EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 25FT, CCR60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A25'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803401218EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'None
DDE A6803401318EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'None
DDE A6803401618EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT, CCR120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803401718EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT, CCR120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803402018EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'None
DDE A6803402118EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'None
DDE A6803402418EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT, CCR240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803402518EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT, CCR240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'Credit Card Reader

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