Product Highlights

- Designed and manufactured to OEM specifications
- Available through PDC
- High Quality bearings
- In-house induction hardening process
- Superior design of lubrication channels
- Improved materials and heat treatment to increase wear resistance
- Extensive industry experience
- Quality Management Certifications: IATF 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 10002, ISO 27001, ISO 28001
Process Quality Certifications: CQI-8 (Layered Process Audit), CQI-9 (Heat Treat System), CQI-11 (Plating System) and CQI-12 (Coating System) standards

Cross Reference - Steering King Pins

TDA R202001ABP N46 R202001
TDA R201326ABP N46 R201326
TDA R201333ABP N46 R201326
TDA R202006ABP N46 R202006
TDA R202002ABP N46 R202002
TDA R201315ABP N46 R201315
TDA R202010ABP N46 R202010
TDA R201309ABP N46 R201309
TDA R201319ABP N46 R201309
TDA R202003ABP N46 R202003
TDA R201419ABP N46 R201419
TDA R201332ABP N46 R201332
TDA R202008ABP N46 R202008
TDA R202011ABP N46 R202011
TDA R201312ABP N46 R201312
TDA R201339ABP N46 R201312
TDA R200267ABP N46 R200267
TDA R202012ABP N46 R202012
TDA R201474ABP N46 R201474
TDA R201604ABP N46 R201474
TDA R201605ABP N46 R201474
TDA R201318ABP N46 R201318
TDA R202030ABP N46 R202030
TDA R201476ABP N46 R201476
TDA R201475ABP N46 R201475
TDA R202037ABP N46 R202037
TDA R201609ABP N46 R201609S
STM K122EABP N46 R202001
STM K147EABP N46 R202006
STM K961LABP N46 R202002
STM KG931RABP N46 R202010
STM K981RABP N46 R202003
STM KH946RABP N46 R202008
STM KH931LABP N46 R202011
STM K80RABP N46 R202012
STM K941RABP N46 R201318
STM K180RABP N46 R202019
STM K536MABP N46 R202035
STM K181RABP N46 R202030
STM K120AABP N46 R202037
STM K130RABP N46 R201609S
STM K80AABP N46 6073300319K
STM K160AABP N46 6073300419K

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