Detroit HV Batteries

Genuine and Reman high voltage replacement batteries design specifically for the eCascadia and eM2 vehicles. 

Product Highlights

3-Layer CB410

Available on the 6x4 eCascadia and the 4x2 eCascadia variants - providing a battery capacity of 438 kWh from three 3-layer CB410's per vehicle.

2-Layer CB400

Three 2-layer CB400's are available on the 4x2 eCascadia and Class 7 eM2 variants - providing a battery capacity of 291 kWh per vehicle.

Two 2-layer CB400's come on the Class 6 eM2 variant - providing a battery capacity of 194 kWh per vehicle.

Battery Terminology

State of Charge (SoC) - The state of charge of a battery describes the measure of how much energy the battery has stored, relative to its maximum capacity.

State of Health (SoH) - The state-of-health (SoH) of a battery describes the measure of how much the battery has degraded over time, compared to its initial performance.

Battery Capacity - The amount (in kWh) of power available to the vehicle for consumption.  It is a direct correlation to vehicle range and charging durations (higher capacity = longer charging cycles).

Part Numbers & Vehicle Configurations

Warranty Information

Warranty Terms

HV Batteries outside of the vehicle's ePowertrain warranty period fall under the DTNA Parts Standard Warranty (1 year/unlimited miles).

Warranty Replacement Orders

All warranty replacement batteries should utilize the Detroit Reman HV Battery. Detroit Reman HV Batteries are sold at 100% SOH (state of health).

Dealer Availability

Availability information

  • Available in the PDC
  • Shipping - 49 CFR HAZMAT shipping documentation required to ship Li-Ion batteries.

Battery Safe-to-Ship

Safe-to-Ship Batteries

Batteries that meet the "safe to transport" criteria by a trained Battery Expert (DTNA) must be returned via HV battery transport racks provided with each new or Reman battery from the PDC.

Damaged Batteries

HV batteries determined to by damaged or unsafe to ship should always use the battery safety box to safely return these batteries.  Please follow all safety procedures.

The CB410 and CB400 batteries utilize the same battery safety box, which is available in Paragon under part number AEA DACEMG023005 - HV BATTERY TRANSPORT BOX.

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