Genuine Parts Batteries

Genuine Parts commercial batteries are built tough and
tested tougher. Our Group 31 battery is designed and tested for
extended life and improved performance. We offer a variety of
commercial grade Group 31 batteries to fit all of your needs.

Genuine Parts Flooded Battery Sell Sheet

Genuine Parts AGM Battery Sell Sheet

Product Highlights

Genuine Parts Flooded Batteries


Maintenance-Free Technology

  • Reduced gassing rate
  • Stamped positive alloy grid provides longer life and corrosion resistance
  • Sodium sulfate additive improves ability to accept charge

Vibration Protection

  • Puncture resistant envelope separators
  • Specially designed lead alloy strap and anchor bonding provide
    increased stability for high-vibration applications
  • Impact resistant polypropylene case with reinforced endwall design

Genuine Parts AGM Group 31

  • Lasts longer, even in high-heat and demanding environments
  • Excellent starting power in low temperatures and at low state of charge
  • Vibration resistance
  • Cycles more
  • Recharges faster
  • Certified NONSPILLABLE for safety and flexible mounting location
  • Totally maintenance free

Genuine Parts Flooded Batteries

Product No.Group SizeCCARCTerminal ConnectionLengthWidthHeight
CLA 20969 001*Gr 31700190Stud13" (330 mm)6 13/16" (173 mm)6 13/16" (173 mm)
CLA 20969 000Gr 31750180Stud13" (330 mm)6 13/16" (173 mm)6 13/16" (173 mm)
CLA 20969 002Gr 31950195Stud13" (330 mm)6 13/16" (173 mm)6 13/16" (173 mm)

* Enhanced cycling battery

Genuine Parts AGM Batteries

Product No.Group SizeCCA*RCAHTerminal ConnectionLengthWidthHeight
CLA 05281 000Gr31 AGM825200100STUD13"6 13/16"9 7/16"
CLA 05282 000Gr31P AGM825200100SAE Post13"6 13/16"9 7/16"

*At 0 degrees Fahrenheit

Warranty Information

18 month/unlimited miles free replacement warranty. See Warranty Manual on DTNA Connect for additional details.



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