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Alliance Aluminum Wheels

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Product Highlights

Feature & Benefits

Creating the New Benchmark in the Industry

  • Lightweight aluminum construction resists corrosion and improves fuel economy
  • Available in the most popular wheel positions for all class 7 and 8 models
  • Designed and manufactured to exceed 3 times SAE standards
  • Qualified by 3rd party accredited laboratory, and durability on / off road tested to ensure service life for the long haul
  • Strongest individually-boxed wheel with specific corner protection, distinct rim guards and wrapping to exceed OEM shake and drop testing standards
  • The Standard High Luster Polish is the brightest / shiniest wheel in the industry
  • Gloss levels significantly exceed all competitors polished finishes at an economical price
  • Reduce inventory - No need to carry 2 or 3 polish option of the same wheel
  • Low-maintenance finish with no machine lines
  • 5 year no hassle warranty on wheel structure

Competitor Notable Style & Process Differences


  • Hand Holes - milled perpendicular to the disc face and coined resulting in a more consistent HH thickness w/ arguably greater strength in high fatigue area but w/ an unsightly rollover of material in HH.
  • Less gloss (polish) and more machine lines than Alcoa and ATX
  • Overall less desirable appearance due to polish and rollover


  • Hand Holes - milled straight on and deburr edge to remove sharp edges resulting very slight opportunity crack if not deburred properly
  • Better polish / gloss and less machine lines
  • Overall more desirable wheel in appearance and leaders in their solutions

Product Finishes

Alliance Finishes

Finish Code Description Gloss Units
M Diamond Cut Machine 300
SP Standard High Luster Polish 1,700
XP Enhanced High Luster Polish 1,800

Gloss Units (GU), of gloss meters is a scaling based on a highly polished reference black glass standard with a defined refractive index having a specular reflectance


The Alliance standard polish (SP) is better than the competitors extra polish (XP) offering at a more economical price than their base polish offerings.


Accuride Finishes

Finish Code Desciption Gloss Units
SP Standard Polish 700
XP Extra Polish 1,000


Alcoa Finishes

Finish Code Description Gloss Units
0 Brush Finish 200
7 Clean & Buff 1,000
1,2 & 3 Polished out, in & both 1,400

Top Movers - Aluminum Wheels

Part No.Attribute AAttribute BAttribute C

Warranty Information


Alliance Wheels are warranted for 5 years / 60 months to the original purchaser or the original end user that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship. The limited warranty time-frame is based on the date of product manufacture and shall be void if the product is altered, modified, misapplied, misused, neglected, repaired or not maintained.

Structural - 5 years / 60 months

A/R GUARD - 5 years / 60 months

Paint - 3 years / 36 months



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