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Alliance Aluminum Wheels

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Product Highlights

Feature & Benefits

Creating the New Benchmark in the Industry

  • Lightweight aluminum construction resists corrosion and improves fuel economy
  • Available in the most popular wheel positions for all class 7 and 8 models
  • Designed and manufactured to exceed 3 times SAE standards
  • Qualified by 3rd party accredited laboratory, and durability on / off road tested to ensure service life for the long haul
  • Strongest individually-boxed wheel with specific corner protection, distinct rim guards and wrapping to exceed OEM shake and drop testing standards
  • The Standard High Luster Polish is the brightest / shiniest wheel in the industry
  • Gloss levels significantly exceed all competitors polished finishes at an economical price
  • Reduce inventory - No need to carry 2 or 3 polish option of the same wheel
  • Low-maintenance finish with no machine lines
  • 5 year no hassle warranty on wheel structure

Competitor Notable Style & Process Differences


  • Hand Holes - milled perpendicular to the disc face and coined resulting in a more consistent HH thickness w/ arguably greater strength in high fatigue area but w/ an unsightly rollover of material in HH.
  • Less gloss (polish) and more machine lines than Alcoa and ATX
  • Overall less desirable appearance due to polish and rollover


  • Hand Holes - milled straight on and deburr edge to remove sharp edges resulting very slight opportunity crack if not deburred properly
  • Better polish / gloss and less machine lines
  • Overall more desirable wheel in appearance and leaders in their solutions

Product Finishes

Alliance Finishes

Finish Code Description Gloss Units
M Diamond Cut Machine 300
SP Standard High Luster Polish 1,700
XP Enhanced High Luster Polish 1,800

Gloss Units (GU), of gloss meters is a scaling based on a highly polished reference black glass standard with a defined refractive index having a specular reflectance


The Alliance standard polish (SP) is better than the competitors extra polish (XP) offering at a more economical price than their base polish offerings.


Accuride Finishes

Finish Code Desciption Gloss Units
SP Standard Polish 700
XP Extra Polish 1,000


Alcoa Finishes

Finish Code Description Gloss Units
0 Brush Finish 200
7 Clean & Buff 1,000
1,2 & 3 Polished out, in & both 1,400

Top Movers - Aluminum Wheels

Part NumberDescriptionOEM Applications
TDA GAFF13721Bolster Spring KitHendrickson
TDA GAFF11740Bolster Spring KitChalmers
TDA GAFF12006Load Pad KitMack
TDA GAFF11523Motor MountWestern Star
TDA GAFF12000Motor MountMack
TDA GAFF12355Motor MountPeterbilt
TDA GAFF12305Motor MountVolvo
TDA GAFF10075Motor MountInternational/Ford/Volvo
TDA GAFF12304Motor MountVolvo
TDA GAFF13735Torque Rod AssyHendrickson
TDA GAFF11793Torque Rod AssyKenworth, Peterbilt
TDA GAFF12070Torque Rod AssyMack
TDA GAFF18860Torque Rod AssyVolvo
TDA GAFF34563Torque Rod AssyInternational
TDA GAFF11795Torque ArmsKenworth, Peterbilt

Warranty Information


Alliance Wheels are warranted for 5 years / 60 months to the original purchaser or the original end user that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship. The limited warranty time-frame is based on the date of product manufacture and shall be void if the product is altered, modified, misapplied, misused, neglected, repaired or not maintained.

Structural - 5 years / 60 months

A/R GUARD - 5 years / 60 months

Paint - 3 years / 36 months



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