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Firestone Air Bags (Air Springs)

The Firestone brand is internationally known and respected. We are the industry leader with a large base of customers we’re proud to call loyalists. So whether you’re looking for OEM, aftermarket or industrial application solutions, you can trust Firestone’s quality, reliability and unparalleled service. It’s value for the long haul. 


Air Springs 101

Product Highlights


Firestone Industrial Products are engineered to meet the strictest local standards, globally. We engineer and manufacture each product to provide years and thousands of miles of trouble-free service. Our extensive product development process has resulted in applying automotive technology to our heavy-duty products. Our innovations span many additional technologies from electronic sensors to higher strength fabrics and compounds—in addition to rigorous testing unmatched by any other manufacturer. It’s an obsession with quality you can only expect from a leader. Visit our innovation and tech centers anytime to see for yourself, or if you prefer, we’ll gladly come see you.


Firestone Industrial Products allow you to buy with confidence. No one has more stringent production and testing standards than we do. In fact, Firestone air springs often outlast other maintenance items on your suspension, such as bushings, shocks, leveling valves or regulators. It’s a commitment that we’re willing to stand by. Not only do we have an industry-leading warranty, we also have the lowest warranty claim rates in the industry. Now that’s reliability you can count on.


Firestone Industrial Products has the global service to match our global production. From our engineers to our customer service line, we pride ourselves on being a true partner, not just a vendor. And with global testing and R&D facilities, we ensure the partnership remains a close one.

As problem solvers, our expertise extends to your business as a whole, not just air spring technology. Our engineering department is your engineering department and if we don’t make what you need, we can engineer it. Our customer service line is so dependable and knowledgeable that our competitors often use us to cross reference parts. And no one offers more training to aftermarket staffs than Firestone. Because we strongly believe it takes world-class people to make world-class products.

Top Movers - Firestone Air Springs

Part NumberDescription
FI W02 358 7205AIR SPRING
FI W01 358 8709AIR SPRING
FI W02 358 7206AIR SPRING
FI W01 358 9069AIR SPRING
FI W01 358 9974AIRSPRING - 1T15M7.5 CB 2CFST
FI W01 358 9781AIR SPRING

General Product Information

Although air springs are produced in single, double and triple convoluted and reversible sleeve styles, only those manufactured by Firestone Industrial Products Company bear the trademark “Airide™.” 

Airide springs were pioneered and perfected by Firestone, and only Firestone offers a complete line of Airide springs, with replacement springs available for virtually every vehicular air suspension system.

Today, Airide springs are used by practically all manufacturers who offer air suspension on their vehicles. While it may appear simple, an air spring is actually a highly sophisticated and complex product. Even slight changes in design, methods of construction, or materials used can make vast and significant differences in performance.

It makes good sense to specify Airide springs by Firestone. That trade name on an air spring guarantees you the benefit of the very latest technical developments and improvements. It is your assurance of a product not only engineered and perfected to perform, but which also has a long history of superior performance in actual use.


Warranty Information

Industry Leading 5 Year Limited Warranty

Firestone air springs are designed to provide years or thousands of miles of trouble free service. The durability of Firestone air springs is such that they will often outlast other maintenance items on your suspension, such as bushings, shocks, leveling valves or regulators. Airide™ springs by Firestone are warranted to be free of material and/or workmanship defects for various periods of time, depending upon the application.



Warranty Criteria

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