Remanufactured parts for Detroit® Series 60® & HDEP Engines

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Cross Reference Allliance PNDescription/Application
DDE RA4720900850ABP R01 RA4720900850Pump, Fuel, EPA07/EPA10, DD15/16
DDE RA4700902150ABP R01 RA4700902150Pump, Fuel, EPA07/EPA10/GHG14, DD13
DDE RA4710900850ABP R01 RA4710900850Pump, Fuel, GHG17 DD13
DDE RA4720901550ABP R01 RA4720901550Pump,Fuel. GHG14/GHG17 DD15/16
DDE R23523754ABP R01 23523754Pump, Fuel, S60
DDE R23535540ABP R01 23535540Pump, Fuel, S60
DDE R23536459ABP R01 23536459Pump, Fuel, S50-60
DDE R23537686ABP R01 23537686Pump, Fuel, S50-60, Viton
DDE R23535017ABP R01 23535017Pump, Water, S60
DDE R23535018ABP R01 23535018Pump, Water, S60
DDE R23538636ABP R01 23538636Pump, Water, S60
DDE R23538637ABP R01 23538637Pump, Water, S60
DDE R23539929ABP R01 23539929Pump, Water, S60
DDE R23514989ABP R01 23514989Pump, Water, S60 87-90 Frnt Mnt, Gear Drive
DDE R23505886ABP R01 23505886Pump, Oil, S60, 94+

General Product Information

Fuel Pumps are calibrated with OE specs with multi-step testing simulation idle condition all the way to rated engine speed

All critical high pressure sealing surfaces and low-pressure mating flanges are machined and thoroughly checked

Varying fuel flow rates are tested to ensure efficiency of Fuel Metering Units and Gear Pumps

Pumps are back by 1 yr/ unlimited mileage warranty at no additional cost 

Warranty Information

Standard 1 year unlimited mileage warranty with national coverage.

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