Enhance performance, optimize fuel economy, reduce smoke and decrease downtime with Detroit Reman Fuel Injectors!

Every fuel injector is remanufactured completely by Detroit Reman, including the latest design and engineering updates.
Our offering includes HDEP and Series 60 (S60) injectors and 6-packs for all HDEP and high-running S60 injectors, please see the Top Movers section of this page for example high running part numbers.

Product Highlights

All components are inspected for optimum quality, tolerance and function

Injectors are calibrated, and calibration codes are laser-etched into the injector body to ensure balanced injector operation

Sealing surfaces are machined, lapped and thoroughly checked

Detroit fuel injectors go through comprehensive field testing and extensive lab testing

Fuel flow rates and injector response times are tested to ensure maximum efficiency

Fuel atomization and spray patterns are optimized for complete combustion, ensured by Detroit Reman’s rigorous quality assurance

Remanufactured in the USA!

Top Movers - HDEP & S60 Fuel Injectors

Part Number6-Pack Part NumberDescription 1Application Information
DDE RA4600701387DDE RA4600701387SReman HDEP Injector Kit with BoltEPA10/GHG14/GHG17 DD15/16
DDE RA4600701087DDE RA4600701087SReman HDEP Injector Kit with BoltEPA07/EPA10/GHG14 DD15/16
DDE RA4600701287DDE RA4600701287SReman HDEP Injector Kit with BoltEPA10/GHG14 DD13
DDE RA4600701187DDE RA4600701187SReman HDEP Injector Kit with BoltEPA07/EPA10/GHG14 DD13
DDE RA4710701387DDE RA4710701387SReman HDEP Injector Kit with BoltGHG17 DD13
DDE R414703003DDE R414703003SReman S60 InjectorS60 N3 14L Off-road & On-Hwy applications DDEC5 2004 EGR
DDE R5237650DDE R5237650SReman S60 InjectorS60 EUI, 12.7L DDEC4 '98-'02 Non-EGR
DDE R5237045 DDE R5237045SReman S60 InjectorS60 EUI 12.7L DDEC4 2002 EGR
DDE R5235575DDE R5235575SReman S60 InjectorS60 EUI 12.7L DDEC3 Pre '98 EPA

Other Injector Files:

General Product Information

High performance injector assembly engineered for precision results in heavy duty applications. Calibrated for stable and filtered fuel spray in versatile physical conditions enhancing vehicle performance. Anti-corrosive and wear resistant Stainless Steel body can withstand susceptible temperatures and chemicals. Hassle free installation with convenient mounting provisions.


Warranty Information

Single Injectors: 1-Year/Unlimited 

6-Packs: Replace all 6 injectors at once and receive a 2-year/150K mile warranty at no additional cost



Powerpacks Service Guide:

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