Alliance has partnered with an industry leader in fuel injector remanufacturing with proven quality, OEM equivalent components and performance.

Product Highlights

Application coverage for Detroit Series 60® & HDEP Gen I & Gen II

Competitively priced, remanufactured fuel injectors

OEM Quality and reliability

Backed by the Alliance 1-year/unlimited-mile warranty

Flexible core acceptance terms

Remanufactured in the USA

Top Movers

Cross Reference Alliance Part NumberDescription/Application
DDE RA4600701387ABP R01 RA4600701387EPA10/GHG14/GHG17/ DD15/16
DDE RA4710701387ABP R01 RA4710701387GHG17 DD13
DDE RA4600701087ABP R01 RA4600701087HDEP EPA07/EPA10/GHG14 DD15/16
DDE RA4600701187ABP R01 RA4600701187HDEP EPA07/EPA10/GHG14 DD15/16
DDE RA4600701287ABP R01 RA4600701287HDEP EPA10/GHG14 DD13
DDE R414703003ABP R01 R414703003S60 N3 14L Off-Road & On-Highway applications DDEC5 2004 EGR
DDE RFE4E00001ABP R01 RFE4E00001S60 E3, 14L EPA07
DDE R5237650ABP R01 R5237650S60 EUI, 12.7L DDEC4 98-02 Non-EGR
DDE R5237045ABP R01 R5237045S60 EUI, 12.7L DDEC4 2002 Non-EGR
DDE R5235575ABP R01 R5235575S60 EUI, 12.7L DDEC3 PRE 98' EPA
DDE R5235915ABP R01 R5235915S60 EUI DDEC3, DDEC4

General Product Information

Remanufactured engine components from Alliance Parts provide a cost-effective alternative to new parts with performance, durability and reliability that meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer.

Not simply a rebuild, our remanufacturing process begins by using only high-quality cores and replacement components. Combine this with industry leading remanufacturing experience and expertise, we deliver engine components you can trust.

Warranty Information

Alliance's 1 Year/Unlimited Miles Warranty


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