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Alliance Fan Clutches

Alliance fan clutches and rebuild kits are designed to solve common industry problems with innovative solutions.

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Product Highlights

Highest torque rating - Over 5,000 in/lbs of torque to handle nearly any size fan.

Fail-safe design prevents on-the-road failures - Fan clutch automatically engages when it nears the end of its life.

Fewer individual components means less time to install.

High quality internal components for long lifespan.

Top Movers - (Fan Clutch Kits – Spring Engaged)

Alliance #DescriptionOEM #s
ABP N20 142562.56" Fan Pilot, 2 Pulley Bearings995568, 995530
ABP N20 1425612.56" Fan Pilot, 1 Pulley Bearing995669, 994902
ABP N20 142002" Fan Pilot, 2 Pulley Bearings995618, 994383
ABP N20 145005" Fan Pilot, 2 Pulley Bearings995607, 995608

General Product Information

The key reason for premature spring-engaged fan clutch failures is lack of torque. There are fan blades in operation today that require more torque than current fan clutches can produce. Our spring-engaged rebuild kit is unmatched by any competitors (new or re-manufactured) & packs over 5,000 inch-pounds of torque!

Highest Torque Rating
Sustaining fan blade engagement requires a large amount of torque. With over 5,000 inch-pounds of torque, our fan clutch will handle nearly all fan blades!

Less Time To Install
Our exclusive design combines nine separate components into one final assembly – this dramatically reduces installation time and installation errors.

Fail-Safe Design
Our innovative design will AUTOMATICALLY ENGAGE fan clutches when the friction material nears the end of its life.


Warranty Information

200,000 mile/2 year warranty


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