OEM Quality Fans and Fan Drives


Product Highlights

Our all makes clutch allows for quick and easy replacement or repair of our On/Off Fan Drive.

All makes modular design allows for a cost effective replacement

THE Industry leader in Torque Capacity!

Easy to repair friction liner, takes less than 15 minutes and can be completed while on the truck

No spinning air connections to wear out

Top Movers - BorgWarner (Kysor) On/Off Clutch

ModelDescriptionPart Number
K32RAK-Series On/Off Clutch with 2-9/16" Fan PilotKYS 1090 09650 01
K32RAK-Series On/Off Clutch with 5" Fan PilotKYS 1090 09750 01

Product Highlights

Fan Drive provides a full range of fan speeds to maximize your fuel economy and reduce the total cost of ownership

Perfect for vocational and regional pickup and delivery applications

Smooth engagements reduce noise, dust, and maximizes belt and FIAD component life

Maintenance Free

Fans are high efficiency, high flow - for max engine cooling

Top Movers - BorgWarner Visctronic Fan Drives

ModelEngineBW Fan DrivePart Number
P3 and P4 CascadiaDD13 & DD15Visctronic 882KYS 020005483
P4 CascadiaCummins 12L Natural GasVisctronic 882KYS 010031690
M2-106DD8Visctronic 732KYS 010028363
M2-106DD5Visctronic 665KYS 010031427

Product Highlights

5-10 Pounds lighter than the competition

Only 2 pieces to convert any BorgWarner On/Off fan drive to a 2 Speed

Internal components run 70 (F) degrees cooler than the competition

Top Movers - BorgWarner DuroSpeed Fan Drive (2-Speed)

ModelProduct DescriptionPart Number
DuroSpeed2-Speed Clutch with 2-9/16" Fan PilotKYS 1090 29650 01
DuroSpeed2-Speed Clutch with 5" Fan PilotKYS 1090 29750 01
DuroSpeedSingle Speed to 2 Speed Conversion KitKYS 1033 40700 01

Product Highlights

Liner replacement takes less than 20 minutes and can be completed while the fan clutch is still mounted on the truck. No removal of the fan or belts

This maintenance will reduce the overall cost to the customer

Top Movers - BorgWarner Repair Kits

BW ProductPart Number
K32 Liner KitKYS 1033 40600 01
K32 Liner and Seal KitKYS 1033 40600 02
Bearing KitKYS 1033 07781 01
Bearing KitKYS 1033 07782 01

Using your fan drive part number, you can determine the proper liner or bearing kit by going to our online catalog

General Product Information

At BorgWarner, we understand that uptime and efficiency is what drives your business - so our product offering focus is reliability and fuel economy.

All service components are produced to the same precise tolerances as our market leading original equipment product offerings.  As well, we are constantly researching and developing ways to improve fuel economy and performance, while reducing emissions.  The combination of dependable technology leading products backed by reliable and responsive support has made BorgWarner the name you can count on for fans and fan drives in North America and globally.


Warranty Information


1 year, unlimited miles for service components 


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