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Detroit eFill chargers are engineered for ultimate reliability in the most demanding conditions.  Customizable charging configurations offer the efficiency and seamless integration you expect from Detroit, providing exceptional value for your EV infrastructure.

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Detroit eFill All-in-One

EV charging requires a two-step process: converting the facility’s AC power to the DC power needed to charge high-voltage vehicle batteries, and then dispensing that energy into vehicles. Detroit’s All-in-One chargers complete both processes within a single free-standing unit, minimizing the overall construction impact to the depot property.

  • 60 / 120 / 240 kW options
  • Built-in cable management
  • OCPP 1.6

The eFill All-in-One 60 is a power-scalable solution that is capable of charging one vehicle at a time.

The eFill All-in-One 120 is capable of charging two vehicles simultaneously (60 kW per vehicle) or one vehicle sequentially at the full 120 kW.

The eFill All-in-One 240 is capable of charging two vehicles simultaneously (120 kW per vehicle) or one vehicle sequentially at the full 240 kW.  An additional satellite dispenser can also be connected to charge up to four vehicles simultaneously (60 kW per vehicle).

Detroit eFill Power Center

To accommodate tighter depot layouts or for larger fleets, Detroit’s fleet charging solutions involve power conversion taking place within a “power cabinet” (typically placed away from parking spaces, close to where power enters the facility). From there, multiple dispensers can be installed near the vehicle parking spaces, drawing energy from the power cabinet. This minimizes the spatial footprint required at each charging island. Fleet charging configurations also enable higher charging power thresholds.

The eFill Power Center is a power-scalable solution that offers simultaneous and sequential DC charging capabilities via a maximum of three dispensers (up to 6 charge ports, total).

For each eFill Power Center cabinet installed, a single truck can charge up to 180 kW, two vehicles can charge simultaneously at between 60-90 kW each, or three trucks can charge simultaneously at 60 kW each. If six trucks are plugged in at once, the second three trucks will begin to charge once the first three trucks reach their desired state-of-charge via sequential charging. 

A Detroit eFill Power Center requires a Detroit eFill Dispenser to operate.

Detroit eFill Dispensers

The eFill Compact Dispenser features a space-saving design and a streamlined user interface that is ideal for small-footprint depots.  Optional single or dual, 200 or 300 amp, CCS1 charging cables.

The eFill Standard Dispenser features a slim form factor with a detailed user interface and a cable that delivers up to 300 amps of current.  Optional single or dual, 200 or 300 amp, CCS1 charging cables.

The eFill High-Power Dispenser features high-power outputs for fast charging as well as a liquid-cooled cable that delivers up to 500 amps of current.

A Detroit eFill Dispenser requires a Detroit eFill Power Center to operate.

Detroit eFill Wall Box

The Detroit eFill Wall Box is a compact single unit power conversion and dispensing unit, providing up to 30 kW of power.  Ideal for shop environments and requires a 480V 3-phase circuit.

Detroit eFill All-in-One Configurations

eFill AIOs PN

Detroit eFill Wall Box Configurations

Warranty Information

Standard Warranty

All Detroit eFill chargers come with an industry leading 3-year standard warranty.

Extended Warranty

For extended warranty options, please reach out to your District Parts Manager. 


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