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Integration Options

Many cellular based communication devices have the option to integrate into a fleet management product (such as an electronic logging device). One major benefit of integration is the simplification of managing the fleet of trucks, trailers, and drivers by only having to access one online portal to garner visibility to all information! For more information please ask your regional Pana-Pacific sales representative. 

Top Movers - BlackBerry, Omnitracs & SkyBitz

PRD-62963-001BlackBerry Radar-L173mm x 117mm x 52mmENCLOSED LITHIUM BATTERY6 YEARSNOXXXX    
PRD-62962-001BlackBerry Radar-M290mm x 96mm x81mmENCLOSED LITHIUM BATTERY7 YEARSNOXXXXXXXX
GXT5002SkyBitz Falcon Series279.4 mm x 165.1 mm x 25.4 mmSOLAR PANEL5 YEARSYESXXXADD-ONADD-ON   
65-J8163-1Omnitracs Trailer Tracks 1504.3” x 4.6” x 1.9”7-WAY5 YEARSYESXXX     

Product Highlights


BlackBerry Radar is an innovative and data-driven solution that installs in minutes and provides near real-time information on an intuitive online dashboard. The Radar platform collects up to 100 times more data than conventional GPS-based track and trace solutions, and uses this information to build a 360-degree visualization of a customer’s assets to ensure safety, security and regulatory compliance. This rich data feeds in depth analytics, applications and instant alerts, based on alarms being triggered, that provide fleet managers with the tools necessary to manage trailer operations more effectively. All data is stored securely to maintain the privacy of user information at all times. BlackBerry offers two separate systems on the Radar platform, Radar-M and Radar-L, to best cater to the unique needs of each  customer. The Radar family of products are all encompassing services that include devices, cellular connectivity, and secure web-based applications for use anywhere and anytime.

Five Minute Sensor Readings
Multi-sensor measurements are taken every five minutes, not just on stop/start activities like standard GPS providers
Configurable Updates
Device uploads readings every 15 minutes (Radar-M), 30 or 60 minutes (Radar-L) to support critical operations decisions 24/7/365
Cloud-based Intelligence
Further transforms sensor data into vital and valuable operational data, such as mileage and cold chain compliance
Instant Alerts & Alarms
Manage day-to-day operations with event-driven notifications of critical trailer conditions and actions within geofences
Intuitive Map Views
Providers fleet managers with a visual representation of operations so they can react quickly and intelligently
Integrated Data Analytics
Perform time-based analysis and visualize trends across trailers, fleets, routes, and yards to optimize business.

- Two-Piece Installation
Clamshell device separates into two pieces to sandwich the trailer door and is adhered with two screws.
- Eight Integrated Sensors
Built-in location, door state (open/closed), cargo load percentage, motion, miles driven, temperature, humidity, and pressure sensing.
- Multi-Year Battery
Minimum 7 years of performance with no charging, wiring, or replacement.

- Single-Box Installation
Surface mounted to almost any location on equipment using only four bolts. Device can also be mounted to a chassis or flatbed.
- Four Integrated Sensors
Built-in location, door state (open/closed), motion, and miles driven.
- Multi-Year Battery
Up to 6 years of performance with no charging, wiring or replacement

Telematics Integration with Geotab
BlackBerry Radar integrates seamlessly  with Geotab’s leading telematics platform to offer customers convenience and ease of use for monitoring both tractors and trailers all from one online interface. No additional accessories or ancillary equipment is needed beyond the standard BlackBerry and Geotab hardware.


Lack of visibility into trailer locations and trailer status, loss of trailers and cargo, trailer underutilization and wasted time and fuel searching for trailers - these are just a few of the many challenges fleets face without timely and accurate trailer position information. Trailer Tracks 150 from Omnitracs is a cost-effective solution that provides near-real time trailer location information to improve  profitability by improving asset visibility. Fleets can leverage their existing Omnitracs platform investments with this low cost tracking solution by simply adding it onto their current program. With Trailer Tracks 150, customers benefit from a fully integrated solution with the  Omnitracs product suite, meaning there is no need to learn a new user interface or utilize separate software and logins. The TT150 platform is a simple and straightforward solution for customers whose primary concern is location visibility. The device does not offer any advanced integrated sensors or the ability to add them on, but it has an attractive price point making it a great option for the right customer. The device is equipped with its own cellular modem so it does not rely on the cellular communication from an in-cab unit (i.e. IVG) in order to transmit trailer location data. The assets will populate on the same fleet map in the Omnitracs Services Portal as any ELD-equipped tractor simplifying monitoring activities for dispatchers and managers.

• Location reporting is continuous throughout all of North America - US, Canada & Mexico
• Default position reporting is every 15 minutes while the device is connected to power and 1/day when disconnected
• Integrated with the Omnitracs services suite for a single point of access for all asset management
• Configurable reporting with the ability to setup custom automated alerts to users both in portal and via email
• Device provides start and end of trip reporting for easy historical review in the online Services Portal
• Ability to track trailer inventory by designated landmarks (customer created points-of-interest)
• Devices receive over-the-air firmware updates to ensure they’re always operating at peak performance
• Opportunity to set up notifications driven by activity within or around designated geofences
• Installation is ‘peel-and-stick’ taking only 25 minutes to complete
• Integrated intelligent battery has a 5-year life span, can self-report low power status, and lasts between 60-90 days before needing a recharge when messaging once per day | Range of time is dependent on environmental conditions
• Devices track and report trailer mileage for customers to utilize for preventative maintenance programs

• Save time by monitoring the status and location of trailers and containers in near real time from the same portal that fleet managers are already required to access for managing FMCSA ELD Mandate compliance
• Increase asset and cargo security with the ability to ping a device on demand
• Reduce wasted fuel expended while searching for trailers
• Monitor unauthorized use of trailers for storage
• Optimize trailer utilization and trailer pool inventory by better management of trailer turn
• Support proper maintenance schedule for trailers with provided mileage records and reduce violations due to non-compliance


The SkyBitz Falcon GXT5002 is a solar-powered remote data collection device for better asset utilization and cargo visibility. It was designed to provide a low cost of ownership, with a long service life and is easy to install and maintain. The Falcon GXT5002 is ideal for operations that require on-demand reporting on the status of unpowered mobile assets. The solution delivers actionable information that allows users to identify areas to cut costs and avoid capital expenditures through better utilization of existing assets. It solves the need to keep track of unpowered assets for long periods of time and operates on a 3G/4G cellular network that provides seamless North American crossborder coverage. The Falcon  GXT5002 is a custom-built cellular, remote data collection device that provides accurate pin-point location information of assets and cargo status. The device provides relevant reporting and is configurable to each user’s needs. Data can be requested from the device ondemand and it can also be programmed over-the-air, which allows customers to update reporting frequency and behavior. The system offers visibility through reporting of:
• Arrival and Departure Times
• Idle Durations
• Mileage Driven
• Accurate Locations
• SkyFence Adherence and Security Alerts
• Loaded or Unloaded Trailer via Cargo Sensor
• Door Open or Closed via Door Sensor
• Tire Pressure Status via Tire Sensor
• Tractor Hookup
• Start/Stop Monitoring

General Product Information


Cargo theft has been a problem for as a long as cargo has been transported. However, we live in a day and age where cargo thieves have become a lot more sophisticated. They’ve invested in technology in a big way, making the Internet their vehicle for hacking data, and even using physical tools, such as drones, in an effort to divert cargo from its route to collect profits illegally. Loads once considered safe from theft are now disappearing at increasing rates. A load of pistachios is now just as attractive to a cargo thief as the traditional trailer full of expensive electronics. However, it’s nearly impossible to locate a trailer of produce in the same way that an electronics device equipped with a GPS antenna could be found in a similar scenario of theft. Therefore, asset tracking is no longer categorized as a nice-to-have, but has quickly become a need-to-have. While asset tracking platforms are not a new introduction to the trucking industry, there have been tremendous improvements to functionality over time allowing fleet owners to capture more data than ever before. Today’s asset tracking solutions do much more than just ping a physical location. While full-featured systems are capable of tracking the live location of an asset and reporting it to dispatch in near-real time, this can generate an over-whelming amount of data for managers to sort through. Today advanced solutions offer reporting by exception in order to alert managers about activity that matters, with the opportunity to drill down into the data should those notifications justify the additional spend of time. Fleets are continuing to implement asset tracking solutions each day because of the multitude of benefits they offer: expanded visibility, improved security, increased operational efficiencies, documented historical performance, improved billing, and optimized customer service.


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