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Cummins Fleetguard Coolants

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You can depend on Fleetguard cooling system products to provide unmatched protection to your engine. Our comprehensive line of cooling system products includes everything you need to ensure an easy, trouble-free cooling maintenance program:

  • Fully Formulated Heavy Duty Antifreeze Coolants
  • Cooling System Cleaners
  • Coolant Filters – Standard and Chemically Charged
  • Field and Laboratory Testing

Product Highlights

Cummins Filtration has been formulating and selling coolant and cooling system related products globally for over 50 years with patented technology. Learn more about our key coolants below:

Conventional (Fleetcool) Coolant

  • Fully formulated coolant with 30,000 mi, 50,000 km, or 700 hours service intervals
  • Provides antifreeze and antiboil protection
  • Provides corrosion protection for aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass, and solder
  • Compatible with all other antifreeze/coolants
  • Available in Concentrate and 50/50 premix
  • For all heavy duty diesel, gasoline and natural gas engines

Hybrid (Fleetcool EX) Coolant

  • Provides a cost effective, premium product with an extended service interval.
  • Life-of-the-Engine, 1,000,000-mile coolant
  • Provides antifreeze and antiboil protection
  • Superior pitting and corrosion protection
  • Optimizes cooling system performance and water pump life
  • Available in Concentrate, 50/50 & 60/40 premix
  • For all heavy duty diesel, gasoline and natural gas engines

OAT (ES Compleat OAT) Coolant

  • Life of the engine coolant 1,000,000-mile coolant without the use of extenders or SCAs
  • Compatible with gaskets, elastomers and other non-metallics in the engine
  • Contains proprietary scale inhibitors
  • An environmentally friendly, low maintenance, superior performance, robust product
  • Choose from EG & PG formulations
  • Available in concentrate, 50/50 & 60/40 premix
  • For all heavy duty diesel, gasoline and natural gas engines

Top Movers

Part NumberDescription 1
CC36077ES Compleat OAT 50/50 1 gallon
CC36076ES Compleat OAT 50/50 55 gallon
CC2837ES Compleat PG 50/50 bulk
CC36074ES Compleat OAT 50/50 275 Gallon
CC2745Fleetcool EX 50/50 55 gallon
CC2746Fleetcool EX 50/50 1 gallon
CC2610Restore 1 Gallon
CC2847ES Compleat Conc Pail
CC2826ES Compleat 50/50 55 gallon drum

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