Western Star

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The Cab Team department stocks high demand skeleton cabs in Statesville, NC.  The quick reference P/N guide will help you identify the part number to order the best configuration for your customer.  To view inventory, please input the part number into the Parts Inquiry and Availability screen in Paragon.

Contact your Cab Team Sales Coordinator at with any questions.

Product Highlights

A Better Customer Experience

Significantly reduced assembly time will help get your customer back on the road faster and increase customer satisfaction.


Typical delivery is 1- 2 weeks


Factory-assembled cabs and hoods cost less than ordering individual parts and assembling

Single Part Number

Reduce time spent on damage assessment, spec’ing parts, paging through catalogs, ordering, and waiting on parts delivery

OE Quality Fit and Finish Benefit

Built on production assembly line. 1 year factory warranty included

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