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Gunite Brake Drums

Your single source for industry leading wheel-end solutions.

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Product Highlights

All Gunite brake drums 100% manufactured in U.S.A at our plant in Rockord, IL

World-class first-fit quality.

Product testing exceeds SAE standards.

Aftermarket truckload discount programs for high volume parts

High Volume Gunite Brake Drums

Part NumberBrake SizeWeightBrake Surface WidthPilot DiameterBolt Circle DiameterBolt HolesBolt Hole SizeWheel TypeDrum MountGAWRSpecial Information
GUN 3922X16.5 x 71057.68.7811.25101DiscOutboard/HPM24000Use 3600AX for O.E. Applications
GUN 3807X16.5 x 8.621279.088.7811.25101DiscOutboard26000 
GUN 3600AX16.5 x 71127.68.7811.25101DiscOutboard26000 
GUN 3800X15 x 4794.668.7811.25101.25DiscOutboard14000TruPilot brake drum. Version of 3726X.
GUN 3721AX15 x 4794.788.7811.25101.25DiscOutboard14000TruPilot brake drum
GUN 3758X16.5 x 5965.438.7811.25101.25DiscOutboard14600 
GUN 4000X16.5 x 71017.68.7811.25101DiscOutboard23000Lightweight high strength gray iron version of 3600AX

General Product Information

Accuride Wheel End Solutions is the industry’s only single source capable of supplying a range of wheel-end components for commercial vehicle OEM, fleet and aftermarket customers. Accuride Wheel End Solutions consistently provides reliable products, responsive service and quick solutions. We’re a wheel-end products partner you can depend on for the success of your company.


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Warranty Information

Gunite Brake Drums Warranty Info:

  • Limited Warranty on industry standard brake drums

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