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Bendix® ADB22XTM Air Disc Brake Family

Complete ADB offering from the industry leader

Lightweight Splined Disc flat rotor option

  • Floating rotor improves heat dissipation in wheel end and prevents heat cracking

Bendix® ADB22XTM Air Disc Brake

Optimized friction couple (pad and rotor)

  • Optimize torque output / braking performance
  • Superior performance on long downhill grades
  • Balanced wear performance between pad and rotor

Bendix ADB22X-LT™ Trailer Air Disc Brake

Light weight ADB options available

  • Splined Disc Hub/Rotor
  • (40+) Pound weight savings

Benefit: Trailer unique ADB product that addresses needed valuation and TCO benefits for trailer.

Top Movers - Bendix ADB22X and ADB22XLT

Part NumberDescription
K070796Brake Pad Kit
K129276Brake Pad Kit
K109249Brake Pad Kit
K109113Brake Pad Kit
803114Guide Pin
K109244Guide and Seal Kit
K092079Tappets Kit
K010603Tappets Kit
K109318Brake Pad Kit
K010604Tappets Kit

General Product Information

Expanded AM Friction Offering

BX-276 (K129276) | Long Life Pad OEM Genuine

  • ADB22X AM Friction Offering
  • Maximized Braking Performance
  • Premium Wear Properties
  • Resists Rotor Stress Cracking
  • Copper reduced material (up to 2025)
  • Excellent Physical Characteristics and Corrosion resistance
  • Doesn’t void 5-Year Brake Warranty
  • Premium product / Premium Price

BA235 | AM Performance Level ADB Pad

  • Meets FMVSS-121 Brake Performance
  • Acceptable Wear Properties
  • Meets minimum Bendix Rotor Stress Cracking requirements
  • Copper requirement (up to 2021)
  • Acceptable Physical Characteristics and Corrosion resistance
  • Lower Price Point


Warranty Information

Protect your 5-Year Caliper Warranty

Bendix ADB calipers have a one-year warranty. however, by using Bendix branded brake pads in your service replacement, Bendix will honor the ADB caliper to 5-years or 500,000 miles.

See Bendix website for additional details.


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