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Bendix® Air Compressors

Rigorous standards. Unparalleled know-how.



Product Highlights

Leading edge air compressor engineering & technology

Genuine Bendix® provides proven quality and value

Expanded All-Makes® air compressor offering

Total Air Guarantee (T.A.G.) air brake system extended warranty

Top Movers - Bendix® Compressors

DDE RA4710967899DDE EA4710967899TURBOCHARGERDD1312.8LEPA10
DDE RA4710967999DDE EA4710967999TURBOCHARGERDD1312.8LEPA10
DDE RA4710967399DDE EA4710967399TURBOCHARGERDD1312.8LGHG14
DDE RA4710967499DDE EA4710967499TURBOCHARGERDD1312.8LGHG14
DDE RA4710907180DDE EA4710907180TURBOCHARGERDD1312.8LGHG17
DDE RA4710907280DDE EA4710907280TURBOCHARGERDD1312.8LGHG17
DDE RA4722300734DDE EA4722300734TURBOCHARGERDD1514.8LEPA07
DDE RA4720901480DDE EA4720901480TURBOCHARGERDD1514.8LGHG14
DDE RA4720902880DDE EA4720902880TURBOCHARGERDD1514.8LGHG17
DDE RA4720962499DDE EA4720962499TURBOCHARGERDD15, DD16 14.8L, 15.6L EPA10, GHG14

General Product Information

Leading Edge Technology

Industry Standard BA-921® & BA-922®

  • Maximum air output: 16 & 32 CFM
  • Highest air delivery efficiencies
  • Energy saving system piston technology
  • Available for a wide range of engine platforms

New Fuel Efficient-921™ Compressors (2016)

  • New light-weight aluminum crankcase
  • Water-cooled head and cylinder jacket
  • Ultra-efficient unloading valves

Genuine Bendix®

  • Always new rings, seal, gaskets, springs, and washers installed
  • Genuine OE high quality parts
  • Exact machining spec’s and honing finishes
  • Stringent test standards and quality criteria
  • Upgraded to the latest OE performance specifications

Expanded “All-Engine” Solutions

BA-922® SAE Universal Mount

  • Based on proven Bendix technology
  • Large 32 CFM output
  • Universal SAE B or C mounting pads


  • Based on proven Bendix BA-921® technology
  • 16 CFM air output
  • Designed for ‘07-’10 Volvo style Engines or  ‘06-’09 MACK style engines

Warranty Information

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