Alliance Hydraulic Bottle Jacks

Alliance offers a complete line of Hydraulic Bottle Jacks that come in 12, 20 and 32-ton standard sizes with the option of choosing the low boy feature. These powerful Jacks are ideal for the heavy truck industry making large loads easy to lift. Our Bottle Jacks are constructed of high-grade steel and built to exact standards for quality and durability.

Product Highlights

Manufactured from high strength materials to ensure durability

Offers from 12-ton to 32-ton capacity rating

The low boy models provide additional clearance from the standard height

Top Movers - Alliance Hydraulic bottle jacks

Daimler Item Number Description WeightTons SupportedTypePairMinimum Lift HeightMaximum Lift Height
ABP N795 23700Hydraulic Bottle Jack- 12-Ton1612BottleNo8.515.7
ABP N795 23705 Hydraulic Bottle Jack- 12-Ton, Short8.812BottleNo7.513.8
ABP N795 23710 Hydraulic Bottle Jack- 20-Ton2520BottleNo9.617.7
ABP N795 23715 Hydraulic Bottle Jack- 20-Ton, Short20.620BottleNo7.513.4
APB N795 23720 Hydraulic Bottle Jack- 32-Ton3632BottleNo11.218.3
APB N795 23725 Hydraulic Bottle Jack- 32-Ton, Short28.532BottleNo7.813.2

General Product Information

Detailed product description

  • Precision hydraulics provide steady lift & lowering
  • Forged & grooved top cap helps prevent slippage
  • Extension screw – extra height if needed
  • Extended handle length for convenient use
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Heavy Duty steel body for added strength
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Wide rugged base adds stability and strength
  • Easy to position


Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing and Material Defects


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