Products Include:
  • Truck Fenders
  • Trailer Fenders
  • Tanker Fenders
  • Mounting Kits
  • Applicable kits for fenders
  • Spring Loaded Mud Flap Hangers
  • Air Pass Mud Flaps

Product Highlights

Premium fenders, handcrafted in North America.

Aerodynamic advantages, resulting in fuel savings.

Protects truck and trailer from rock and road debris damage.

Spray suppression, better visibility for driver and surrounding traffic.

Increases value of truck and trailer.

No bottle capping or rippling of fender edges.

Top Movers - Fenders

GRN N180PXSingle Axle Poly Fender, 24 in wideBlack, also available in colors
GRN N1900-KITPoly Quarter FendersKit
GRN NF30CSpring Loaded Mud Flap Hanger30 in, chrome
GRN N60SSHalf Tandem Stainless Steel Fender
GRN NF37PAngled Spring Loaded Mud Flap Hanger27-1/2 in, painted
GRN N200-SS729 in Stainless Steel Side Mount Arm
GRN N2180SSMKSingle Axle Mounting Kit, StainlessIncludes hardware
GRN NF37CAngled Spring Loaded Mud Flap Hanger27-1/2 in, chrome
GRN NF1060SSNRHalf Tandem Smooth Fender, 1000 SeriesStainless steel, 54 in
GRN NF18026PXSingle Axle Poly Fender Black, 26 in wide

General Product Information

Nu-Line’s product offering is focused on improving visibility on the roadways and provide customers ways to improve costs and efficiencies. By offering a comprehensive line of products they can meet the needs of various vocations in the trucking industry. Our offering includes fenders for single axle, half tandem and full tandem applications available in stainless steel, aluminum, and poly materials, as well as mud flap hanger brackets, mounting components and mud flaps.

Nu-Line has been protecting your truck for more than 40 years and remains dedicated to that commitment for the years ahead.

Warranty Information

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